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13 things of Personal Injury Lawer in Colorado

What to expect at a Personal Injury Lawer in Colorado

Hi, I'm jobsahayata, an attorney over at Springs Law Group here in Colorado Springs. 

Today, I wanted to talk to you about what to expect when you've been injured in an accident and then decide to meet withan attorney at a consultation of Personal Injury Lawer in Colorado. So one of the first things that we do at Springs Law Group is we send out what's called an intake form. And that form is gonna have a lot of information on it and it may seem a little daunting, but it's gonna be very, very helpful in helping us get the best use of our time and your time during the consultation itself. Then after that, you're gonna come in and actually have a meeting. 

And that meeting is the consultation and that's gonna be held with an attorney at our firm. And we like to do that because we wanna meet your face to face as the attorneys in the office. You're not gonna meet with a paralegal, you're not gonna meet with an investigator or anyone else. One of the things we like to do is we like to meet our clients of Personal Injury Lawer in Colorado. Then what we're gonna do is we're gonna have a conversation during that time. 

We're gonna use your intake form as kind of the overview, but we're gonna dig down a little deeper. So we're gonna talk to you about the Personal Injury Lawer in Colorado circumstances that led to the accident, and then we're gonna start asking some questions. Questions like what were your injuries, have you seen anyone for treatment, and if so, who have you seen. Questions like what wasthe weather like that day, the day of the accident. Were you wearing your seatbelt, why were you driving that day, were you driving for work purposes. 

'Cause if you were driving for work purposes, there may be a workman's comp claim outside of a personal injury claim and those would be things that would have to be looked at there too. So we're gonna kind of take that overview and talk about all of those issues. Additionally then too, what we're gonna then do after that is we're gonna talk about the timeline. Kind of what a process looks like from the case at the very beginning till all the way at the end. 

And we're gonna give you a roadmap that talks about what our role is as the attorneys and the Personal Injury Lawer in Colorado firm, and then what your role is as well as the client. And one of the big things that we always want our clients to do is work on getting better. We want them to take care of themselves over anything else and we'll work on alot of the other stuff. And then lastly, we're gonna review the fee agreement. We're gonna talk about money. 

And so we're gonna talk about basically what kind of fees we charge, what it looks like, which in our world it's a contingency fee basis. And then we're gonna talk about as we walk through the fee agreement, what the terms of service are. We wanna make sure that you're well informed through the process. But the biggest thing too we wanna do is we wanna make sure we're a good fit. And what we mean by fit is that we like each other. That we trust each other because we really wanna do business with people and we want you to do business with us with people that we know, like and trust. So at an intake, it's more than just kind of checking boxes and going through all the data. It's also about finding the right fit. Making sure that we wanna do business together. At Springs Law Group, it's really important for us that we do business with clients that we like an that we feel like we can help. We wanna make sure too that you feel like you can trust us as well. 

And one of the big things too we wanna make sure that you do is understand that at any point in time in your case, at the consultation, and once you've hired us, and then down the road, that you can always ask questions. So for us, that's what you can expect at an intake. You can meet with an actual attorney, we're gonna talk to you about the summary of the case, we're gonna give you a timeline, we're gonna walk through your fee agreement, and then lastly we're gonna see if we're a good fit. So hopefully this helped answer some questions about what happens in a

Personal Injury Lawer in Colorado consultation with an attorney at Springs Law Group. If you do have any questions, feel free and give us a call. If you've been injured in an accident, we'd be more than happy to sit down and schedule a consultation with you.


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